Technical Services

Factory trained and field-proven, our technicians can help you overcome unexpected failures quickly. Give us a call or send a message and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Field Service

We have factory trained technicians that can come to your facility to diagnose problems. Sometimes it is a simple configuration issue that can be resolved on-site, other times they may find a component failure that needs to be brought back to our facility for repair. Either way, we can help get you going again.

Warranty Service

Is your equipment still under warranty? We can help you find out if it is and assist with getting it repaired. Just provide us with the Manufacturer, Model, and Serial Number, that’s all we need. Our technicians are factory trained and SEAL is authorized to perform warranty repairs for many manufacturers, they are experts at dealing with warranty support.

Bench Repairs

Not all broken equipment is still under warranty and when it is not, we are here to help. Moving Lights, Consoles, Dimmers, Followspots, Fog Machines, we do it all. Bring or ship your equipment to us for our Technicians to evaluate and provide an estimate for the repair cost.

Systems Support

You know your facility well but suddenly, it is responding differently. Let’s talk about the issues you are having and devise a plan of action. We may determine a site visit is required, or maybe we can get you through the show with something from our rental department.

Technical Service Specialists


Erin Connor
Technical Services


Mike Tomlinson
Technical Services Manager

General Technical Service Inquiries