Designing, developing and delivering a perfect lighting system requires a team of experienced experts. We now combine decades of lighting expertise with those of audio and video integration and the stellar reputation of Pro Sound & Video, our parent company.


Whether you need the right gel for a classic fixture, or a complete lighting design and installation, our experts are always happy to offer their expertise. Our decades of experience in lighting design, technical direction and engineering can help you find your way to the best lighting solutions for any situation.


Our team of industry veterans brings a fresh eye and inventive spirit to lighting design. Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, with a touring company or residency production, we have the mix of talent, experience and energy to complement your production.


Lighting, audio, video, and show control – create a complete system. Our expertise across many disciplines makes us one of the preferred choices in the professional Audio Visual integration industry. From corporate campuses to houses of worship; from stadiums and theme parks,  from hotels to educational facilities, our work can be seen in some of the most iconic venues and buildings around North America.


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