Tired of having to bag your fixtures when it rains? Worried about humidity upsetting your fixtures? Check out a few of our new IP65 rated rental fixtures!

We’ve recently started to expand and revamp our rental inventory, bringing our clients more choices and versatility. Our rental inventory now includes several different IP65 rated fixtures – like the Maverick Storm LED Wash that has the capability to control up to 256 DMX channels along with programmable pixel mapping. Rounding out our IP65 rated fixtures, we have the Proteus Hybrid discharge fixture that combines a beam, spot and wash into one highly versatile light.

A few more fixtures recently added to our inventory:

  • Elation Arena Zoom Q7IP
  • Elation SIXPAR 300IP
  • Elation DTW Blinder 700IP
  • Elation SIXPAR 200IP
  • Elation Volt Q5E Six Packs
  • Elation SIXBAR 1000IP
  • Chroma-Q Color Force II 72

We now carry the Full Boar 4 console, the High End Solaframe 750 LED ultra-brite framing fixture, and a substantial amount of truss. This is just the beginning. There is more exciting gear to join our growing rental family in the near future. Stay tuned!