In a move that will offer entertainment venue owners a single source for sound, video, broadcast, control, design and lighting sales and integration, Pro Sound & Video has acquired Stage Equipment and Lighting (SEAL).

“It’s a natural fit,” explains SEAL President Rick Rudolph. “Our teams have collaborated on projects for decades. Now we can work more closely together, better leveraging our individual expertise and delivering superior solutions for our clients.”

SEAL brings customers more than half a century in lighting system design, engineering, and rentals while Pro Sound & Video conceives and implements some of the most technically advanced and immersive sound, video and broadcast systems in the nation.

While the teams will combine their expertise whenever called for, each company will retain its management and individual brand. This will enable them to scale services appropriately to better serve both their current clients as well as a broader base of prospective new partners.

“The acquisition gives both Pro Sound & Video and SEAL customers access to fully integrated solutions,” adds Pro Sound & Video CEO Rod Sintow. “If the client has a vision, our team can develop it into a working reality…then take it even further.”

From performing arts centers and houses of worship to college and professional sports facilities – as well as concert venues, educational institutions, broadcast studios, theme parks, and transportation facilities – wherever there’s a venue for entertainment systems, Pro Sound & Video and Stage Equipment and Lighting have a unified team that can make it come to life.

Pro Sound & Video

For more than four decades, Pro Sound & Video has been designing, developing and installing some of the most advanced audio/video systems in many of the most renowned venues in the United States. The company has offices in Miami, Orlando, Pensacola and Los Angeles.

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