Project Description

Univision Communications Inc – Miami

Miami, FL 2014

Univision management directed the lighting department to begin a complete changeover to LED studio lighting for energy savings, which on the surface is simple. It seemed like a 1:1 replacement situation, however the infrastructure required to support and control a studio LED system is quite different from lamps and dimmers as existed in the studio spaces already.

Stage Equipment and Lighting (SEAL) approached each studio with a fresh look at the need to have integrated control with redundancy as down time was unacceptable. SEAL’s solution started with the control side, utilizing ETC Ion consoles with various configurations of fader wings. Each console was mated with an Ion Remote Processor Unit, rack mounted with the appropriate PoE switches.

The Streaming ACN network required extensive use of Pathway Ethernet Gateways both C-Series and Quattro powered by PoE switches. That finished out the data distribution package, converting Network to DMX.

At the same time, a second Art-Net network was installed powered by GrandaMA2 Lite consoles for controlling the large number of moving lights and LED set treatment, which were pixel mapped.

The final piece was the lighting fixtures. After much testing and working with the lighting department, the decision was made to utilize over 800 ETC Studio HD LED light engines coupled to various EDLT lens tubes.

Today, the Studio complex utilizes the designed ability to re-configure the control and network schemes as needed for production requirements.


Upgrade studios A, B, C, D,1 and 2 lighting control network, control consoles and replace studio luminaries with LED technology.

Miami, Florida