Project Description

Miami Freedom Tower

Miami, FL 2010

The Miami Freedom tower is one of the true icon’s in Miami. Built in 1925 this building is on the US Register for Historic places. In 2010, Miami-Dade College contacted Stage Equipment and Lighting (SEAL) to design a signature exterior lighting system for this significant structure. This lighting display would have to deliver an unparalleled visual impact to stand out among the Miami skyline.

SEAL worked with the college in designing, supplying and programming an integrated system centered on Martin exterior RGBW LED wash light controlled by a CueServer system.

The straightforward controls enable the building’s electrical maintenance staff to operate the system themselves. They can program custom lighting events on the fly or years in advance to reflect both holidays and current events.

A showcase of SEAL design and engineering, this lighting array enables the building to move with the times while maintaining its historic significance.


Exterior LED color changing Illumination of entire building

Downtown Miami

System Design
Stage Equipment and Lighting

Stage Equipment and Lighting