Project Description

First Baptist Church Orlando

Orlando, FL 2015

First Baptist Church of Orlando (FBCO) came to Stage Equipment and Lighting (SEAL) from the very beginning of their planned renovation. SEAL had done the last major overhaul of the main sanctuary on the FBCO campus in the 90’s and whished to continue that strong relationship with their latest renovation. SEAL worked closely with consultants Idibri to engineer the entire system facing technical and engineering challenges to take a nearly 20-year-old system to state of the art.

The renovation included replacing all power distribution and the entire lighting control network, which is built on an ETC Network Backbone, consisting of many Sensor 3 Dimming racks, Paradigm Architectural controls, and ETC DMX Gateways. Additionally, SEAL hung and focused over 300 conventional fixtures, Vari*Lite moving luminaries, Color Kinetics architectural lighting, Tomcat Truss and Lyntec Power controls.

By far the most striking element of the renovation was also one of the most challenging. This involved the 285 Chroma-Q Inspire color changing LED house lights, which needed to respond as they’re meant to do in an emergency situation. To address this, SEAL installed 14 ETC DMX emergency bypass units that would switch to a preset when the system went into emergency mode, controlled not just from the console, but from the preset button stations as well. A total of five Paradigm processors were required for this project to give FBCO the level of functionality needed. After many months of planning and installation, the project ended without any delays.


Complete renovation of lighting and control in Main Worship Space.

Seating Capacity
6,100 seats

Leo A Daily Company

IDIBRI Consulting, LLC