Project Description

Discovery Church – Main Campus

Orlando, FL 2020

Having outgrown their Central Campus, Discovery Church purchased a nearby retail complex that spans over 26 acres. Their new Worship Center’s space is a former sports retailer storefront that was completely remodeled, including removing and replacing the roof in order to gain height.  Drawing upon years of relationship in the existing facility, Discovery chose SEAL and ProSound to perform the entire AVL portion of this band new facility construction.

SEAL and ProSound worked with the church tech teams on their needs and goals for the new facility, starting from the ground up in choosing products to engineering drawings and finally installation and integration of the respective systems.

The lighting system is state of the art, there are no conventional dimmers in the building, using an ETC Sensor IQ 48’s to control the power to the entire LED lighting system.  For architectural controls the robust and powerful Paradigm system from ETC was used.  For the networking backbone, Luminex was used for its versatility and easy of configurability by the end user.  For such a dynamic environment, a versatile house light was chosen in the Chroma Q Inspire XT, all 72 of these RGBW LED houselights can be individually controlled which bring the experience of what’s happening on stage out into the house so the audience has a more connected experience.  The rest of the lighting in the system are all from Prolights, a European brand who is getting a foothold in the states.  The stage wash is done with the Eclipse-FS Ellipsoidal, with its RGBL engine this light can provide color balanced whites and deep colors on stage.  There are a variety of RA2000, Stark 400, and Jetspot 3 moving lights in the rig to create exciting dynamic looks on stage.  The main lighting console is a Vista 3 system.

For rigging, the building has sections of Tomcat truss on chain hoists, this allows the system to be changed simply without needing to bring a lift in.  The large videowalls also hang from these motorized hoists allowing the set to change with seasons and keep the looks fresh over the life of the facility.

The audio system features a complete Meyer Sound rig, using Leopards for main line arrays and 900LFC subwoofers.  Meyer UPM-1XP are used as fills and processing for the entire system is done by a pair of Galaxy 816 processors.  Both the monitor and FOH mixing boards are Digico SD12-96 boards with an additional SD12-96 for video production in back of house, using one board in each spot allows the techs to only have to master a single environment no matter where they are working.  A complete Klang Fabrik-B system is used for in ear monitoring providing the unique 3D monitoring experience for the on-stage talent.

Onstage there is a large 63’ wide VanGuard P4 Rhodium LED video wall spanning the width of the stage at almost 18’ tall, flying on either side of the stage are two 19’ x 10’ P2.85 Rhodium LED video walls primarily used for IMAG and lyrics during service.  Video switching is handled by an entire Ross Carbonite Black switching system, with redundancies for ultimate stability.  Cameras are Sony HDC3100L with Fuji Lenses.  The AV network backbone runs on Luxul switches, and a Riedel intercom system connects the entire production team together.

The entire system was integrated by the teams from SEAL/Prosound to deliver the utmost in reliability and functionality.  With a single source for Discovery Church for the entire AVL experience, they have one phone call or email to make whenever issues should arise or changes are needed.


New Construction, Complete Audio, Video, and Lighting – Design/Build

Orlando, Florida

Baker Barrios