Every other year Infocomm makes its way to the Orlando Convention Center. This show has quite the wide range of manufacturers from Audio, Video, and Lighting. The lighting specific area on the floor usually has some big players in the game. This mid-year event typically doesn’t see product launches, but a great way and place to connect with the manufacturers and see the wares launched at the European shows earlier in the year. There were some highlights from the floor this year, let’s take a look!

AC Lighting had a number of products on the floor.

Getting hands on the new ProLyte fixtures was nice, this product line is very promising and we expect to see some great new products coming from their European line to the US soon, definitely keep an eye out for them. The new Vista 3 Software with the coordinated control surfaces were in booth as well, the build quality on the surfaces seem very solid. Follow-Me, the innovative remote followspot system, has some new control interfaces direct from the manufacturer now, not relying on third party suppliers should lead to better features and support.

A couple of new standout products shown on the floor for us in the AC lighting booth apply to very different markets. The first, pictured above, is the ChromaQ Space force one by two, this is a very nice flat studio panel light. It has the quality of light you would expect from a ChromaQ product, and the packaging is one of the most logical we have seen in this form factor. So many manufacturers try and get creative with things like clips and controls that they end up confusing end-users, this product (at least in prototype form) breaks the mold by not.

The second part of the AC lighting interesting products on the show floor are on the show control side.  This show was the first time we got our hands on the Luminex networking and control products, some SEAL team members went to specific training on this product line and it seems that it is well thought out and well engineered.  If you are looking to have multiple protocols on a single network, you should really look at Luminex for your project.  The second unique element is the Harvey audio control matrix.  Much like many of the solutions on the market, the Harvey offers DSP and automation controls, what is unique about Harvey is it has the ability to control DMX.  Right now the DMX implementation is clunky but surely with AC lighting on board will develop into something better.  Look for the competitors to catch up though as DMX is on the tips of many of their tongues.

As mentioned earlier there is a lot of Audio and Video on the show floor, this installation was at the edge of the lighting area, a very cool video projection map which was completely wrapped around the sculpture.   In the video area, every major manufacturer now has their super high resolution LED video displays, very surreal seeing the scale, brightness and quality of these screens.  Also surreal were the transparent OLED displays, clear pieces of glass that can play beautiful full motion video content.

Elation and ADJ Group had a number of new launches, as to be expected. In the ADJ booth, the manufacturer continues to expand its IP65 outdoor rated product line, now adding moving lights. The Hydro line looks like great fixtures that just so happen to be IP65, if you’re doing an outdoor festival, show, or installing in a dirty environment, these might be the right solution for you. Over in the Elation booth the standout for us was the new Fuze Profile, this is a very fully featured moving light, in a very slender and attractive body.  Using a RGBMA (M is for Mint) additive LED engine, this small fixture has quite the feature range, framing shutters, gobos, iris, prism and the likes. We look forward to getting our hands on it and giving it the full test in our controlled environment to see if it really shakes out, but from what we saw on the show floor its very promising.


Coemar EXT LEDko, which is an exterior rated LED ellipsoidal, has an available version with a dual gobo rotator, currently only available in the white light version but they are going to launch it in the color changing version soon.

Megalite has a very cute little outdoor rated fixture called the Piccolo, originally designed as a blinder with just white light originally, they launched a color mixing version (center pixel in the image above, or to the left), which could be useful for more than just blinding the audience.  Its small form factor, IP65 rating and passthrough power and data might make this a very versatile small bright fixture.

GLP had a new line of outdoor fixtures they were showing off in the Fusion Line, which used to be the very German named Ehrgeiz. These fixtures looked to be solid performers the standout being the Supernova RGBW. If you’re looking for a very unique truss look – check out the Cosmic DNA truss. Probably the biggest star of the booth for many was the new  FR10 Bar. This is an evolution of the very popular X4 Bar, adding individual zooming control over the cells.

The final interesting find of the show was tucked away in the Leprecon booth. They have launched what they are calling PDMX, much like PoE which sends power over ethernet, this new protocol sends power and dmx together over a network line. It can support a couple hundred watts of power at 36v, which then can directly power small LED fixtures. It could be very cool to make wiring simplified in future use. It will be interesting to see where they take this technology.

Infocomm 2019 was a great and varied show, with the breadth of work now being part of Pro Sound the team learned a bunch of new information about the Audio and Video sides of the show floor. If you saw something in this post or have any questions reach out to your local SEAL rep and we would love to tell you more!